Welcome to AMICA Schweiz

The weapons have been quiet since the signing of the Dayton Agreement at the end of 1995. However, this country is still bleeding. Unemployment is almost fifty percent, the political situation is precarious, and the people lack perspective and are losing hope. Nationalistic overtones have yet to disappear. This Balkan country is paralyzed by in fighting between Bosnian Muslims, Orthodox Serbians and Catholic Croatians. Until now, the population’s problems have been hardly addressed.

And that is why we are still there. We have been working in Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegovina for the last twenty years to help those people who have suffered the most under these conditions: women, children and teens.

In the early years after the war’s end, we focused on training professional women to deal with trauma as well as directly working with traumatized women and children. Thereafter, more and more subject areas were included: sexual abuse of children, gender-specific violence, women’s societal rights and roles, self-determination and fundamentally—peace building work.

While we are investing in the future of this country with our projects, we mainly are investing in the future of these people. To allow them to lead a worthwhile and self-determined life. We continue our work specifically at the local level. As long as they need us. Until they can help themselves. Because our motto „Helping Others Help Themselves“ isn’t in vain.

Thank you very much for your support—we wouldn’t be here without you.